“To make your dreams
and visions come true,
join in with people whose dreams, visions and thinking are going the same way.”

Dipl. Ing. Christophe Geisert
CEO Lizard Health

Lizard Health Technology

We are specialised in the development of medical devices – including quality management and successful implementation in the market.

Added value with every step

We transform ideas into concepts, products and services.

Sales orientation as the measure of all things

Our strategies are always sales and revenue oriented: We help you win global target groups and markets as well as sustain your long-term success. We accelerate your time to market.

Business & Quality

At your side in every situation

Our many years of expertise in all relevant technical, economic and legal issues accompany the entire process – from the initial product idea to commissioning.


Proprietary and contract development from clinical needs to approved products.


Support in quality issues; Implementation of quality management systems; Support in obtaining market access, e.g. CE, FDA, etc.


Consultancy services for R&D and project management.


Prototyping and ISO 13485 contract manufacturing.